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Nancy Tarallo Jobes- Professional Writer

(Noms de Plume - Little Nancy, Tara Low )

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2014 - Current

  • Private Ghostwriting for Clients and Computer help/IT for Clients
  • Health News Writer at The Daily Voice News
  • Blasting News US - Senior Editor from 2014-2016
  • Freelance Journalism
  • Breaking News Editor at Newsaratti (2016 only)


  • Whites Creek Lumber -  Created, wrote, designed, and maintain website. In addition, I provide office support and IT services including sales copy, authoring product lists, email marketing, other related writing, sales, graphic design, photography, and advertising.

2008 - 2009

  • Private Ghostwriting for Clients
  • JT MedStaff - As a Researcher and Placement Specialist for a medical staffing company, I researched contacted hospitals, created recruitment advertisements, wrote copy for job sites, and phone interviewed potential clients in the medical field for career placement. Most of my duties included creating ads, queries, email, and other writing duties.

2005 - 2008

Financial Computer Support, Inc. (FCSI, Inc.) Oakland, MD: As Technical Resource Analyst, I performed many duties and wore a variety of hats. Left on good terms with severance when downsized during corporate buy-out. In the writing field, my duties were as follows:

  • Proofreading/Editing Tech Support e-mail before they were sent to end users.
  • Creating and proofreading command windows written in Visual FoxPro before sending them to end users.
  • Authoring a Knowledge Base of instructions, step-by-step Tech Support trouble-shooting guides, Standard Operating Procedures, and solutions to problems.
  • Writing and presenting training classes, including classes on grammar.
  • Writing letters, email, and other professional B2B correspondence.

1997- 2005

Wrote content for several sites (most of which no longer exist):

  • I was Writer/Editor for several topics in Humanities. I was Managing Editor of Humanities.
  • I delivered "How To" content on a variety of subjects, and was the writer for the advice column, "Nancy Knows".
  • Provided links and short copy descriptions of many, many websites under various topics from New Age to Quantum Physics.
  • The Reality Box- The late, great Master Ho (, may he rest in peace) ran an online community and newsletter called The Reality Box. I wrote and hosted one of his community's online chats, contributed to his newsletter, and designed and coded a previous version of his website.
  • Beyond Infinity Magazine Columnist in 2000
  • Private Ghostwriting and Web Design for Clients

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