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My apologies

Sorry for not updating my own blog and news.

Business is good right now and so I'm neglecting my own site to meet deadlines. I'm prioritizing my ongoing ghostwriting projects. Check back for updates soon!

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Why Have a Blog?

Is your business getting attention online?

Google likes content because users like content. When Google decides to move a website to the top of the search results, it isn't because that business has the most keywords for the topic or the most experience in a given area. 

It is because the highest ranked site in the engines are posting constant quality content for their potential customers and clients.

At the turn of the century, he who could spam the highest amount of keywords into a given page did get a lot of attention. The quality of content wasn't even a question. Writers were churning out spun, repetitive, and sometimes plagiarized content for a half penny a word (or less); filling sites with crazy amounts of useless information to try to life the site to the top search results. Other search engines began to enter the market, promising to give the searcher better and more relevant answers to their searches. Google took notice and made some changes. 

For better or for worse (I think better!), Search Engine Optimization (SEO) began to evolve. Google now prioritizes websites with quality, authoritative information. Sure, keywords are still necessary but they need to make sense, appear naturally in text and be used with mindfulness. 

When it comes to businesses, blogging and articles are essential. To be able to update your site as an authority on a topic with solid, factual, and unique information (yes, Google checks for originality and you WILL get bumped down in the results if the content is copied) for potential clients and topic researchers using good SEO practices is key to raising search results. Whether daily or weekly, blogging information and news on your site is the way to go.

You want your client to see you and your web pages are often your first impression and handshake. 

Sure, there are other factors that go into great SEO, including site load time, social media presence, and backlinks, for some examples. However, none of the others really matter without the industry expert content. 

Of course, this is something done by Content by Nancy. Blog ghost writing is at your fingertips. You own the content once it is posted and it can be posted with your own byline or that of your business. Your content, your site: expert and SEO-friendly information to keep users finding you when they need! Contact Nancy for fair rates and details. 

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